Hub Initiatives

Below is a list of our current and upcoming initiatives. Updates on recent projects and developments will be posted on this page, so check back for the latest news.

Storybook Project
ODN is looking for individuals who have attempted or seriously contemplated suicide but have chosen to live or people whose loved ones have made a suicide attempt or died by suicide to share their experience in a short story. Learn more ►

Needs Assessments
ODN aims to assess community needs in order to identify potential strengths, as well as gaps that may benefit from resource development (e.g. further training).

Future Initiatives

  • Focus on awareness and advocacy of mental health issues
  • Offer annual public education events centered around knowledge translation, which will outline the progress made in the field and welcome community feedback on current initiatives and future directions
  • Identify gaps that would benefit from resource development (e.g. further training)

Suicide risk and suicide prevention in adults and youth will be a focus of several of these initiatives.

What initiatives would you like to see?
In an effort to better meet the needs of the community, we welcome suggestions from the public. If you have any suggestions regarding advocacy or outreach initiatives you would like to have established, please feel free to contact us.